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Clogged drains can be a common occurrence in households, particularly those with a large family. Clogged drains should be addressed promptly to prevent an unsanitary environment, and alleviate the hassles they may create.  Using a plunger on a clogged drain can be helpful, but this process often provides a temporary relief to an underlying problem. The root cause may be foreign debris such as toilet paper, hair, grease, or gradual buildup of sediment in the drains over a period of time. Regardless of the problem, Proserve Plumbing and Mechanical utilizes the most current technology to remove the obstruction, and restore your sanitary system to its original condition. Our technicians are qualified, and experienced to handle even the toughest clogged drains.


Drain Cleaning Services Available from Proserve Plumbing and Mechanical

Proserve Plumbing and Mechanical is your reliable choice for expert drain cleaning services in Southern California. We use state of the art equipment for cleaning clogged drains and sewers. When it comes to stubborn clogs, we utilize techniques that include hydro-jetters, mechanical augers, and a variety of specialized equipment.

Hydro-Jetters: This drain cleaning device uses water under a high pressure to eliminate grease, debris, and other build-up from your drain pipe. Using hydro-jetters for drain cleaning can add a significant improvement to your drainage system.

Video Inspection: Video inspection is done to inspect your sewer and drainage system properly in order to determine the cause of a clog. This device provides remote video footage of the situation inside the pipes, drains, and sewers, and assists our technicians with diagnostics.

Safe Cleaning Solutions: In some cases, the best approach to drain cleaning is to use cleaning solutions to break up a clog. We recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemical cleaners, bleach, solvents, or caustic solutions to clean your drains as they cause damage to the pipes and may be hazardous to the environment. Instead, we use drain cleaning services, we use eco-friendly products to remove debris from drains and pipes. Eco-friendly products also help to decompose waste in an efficient manner and are capable of preventing drain clogs.

  • Our expert technicians provide drain cleaning services throughout your home or commercial property. This includes:

    ·        Kitchen Drains

    ·        Bathroom Drains

    ·        Toilet Drains

    ·        Floor Drains

    ·        Downspout Drains

    ·        Other Indoor and Outdoor Drains

    More Information About Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

    See the information at the links below to learn more about drain clogs and the best approach to clearing drains, or contact us for more information from our professionals.

    ·        Recommended Maintenance to Prevent a Clogged Drain

    ·        Common Causes of Clogged Drains

    ·        Sewer and Drain Clog FAQs

    Learn More About Our Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Hesperia, CA.

    Proserve Plumbing and Mechanical is an authority when it comes to drain cleaning. As plumbing and drain cleaning experts, we perform the best quality work and aim to exceed our clients’ expectations with every service. It is our goal to build a professional rapport with our customers that generates repeat business.

    Contact us online or by phone today to learn more about sewer and drain clog cleaning and the other plumbing services that we offer.

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